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Welcome to NY Clan we do apologize for keeping the forum and its resources private. To unlock the content of this forum all you need to do is register, it only takes a minute! We are a gaming community we want you guys to make this gaming community grow, so join us and share your gaming experiences with us now! and make this community active and bigger..

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 NY Rules and Regulations

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NY Rules and Regulations  Empty
PostSubject: NY Rules and Regulations    NY Rules and Regulations  EmptyMon 26 Mar 2012, 2:38 pm

Registering on NY site YOU MUST;

1. NOT Flame, Disrespect or make fun of someone by race nationality or how his gaming skills are.

2. No advertisment of any other site on here if it is posted once it will be a warning but if it is posted all over in the forums it will be a lifetime ban.

3. Post should be respectable like trying to start fights, and post should be at least 4 words long to avoid deletion.

4. Posting downloaded material should not be © right material and shoul be approved.

5. Post shouldn't have profanity or you could be banned up to 5 days.

6. No reviving threads that are 30 days or older, if you do your post will be deleted and the thread will be locked.

7. Post a "Thank You" if you download something or if a post has been helpful to you.

8. No Spamming the chatbox if you are a chatbox mod your powers will be taken away for one week. next will be permanently after that you will be banned from the chatbox until further notice.

9. No more than 1 account per user, if found with more than one account your second account will be deleted and your primary account will be banned for 2 days.

10. Respect NY Clan in anyway if not done so this will result in a warning if done again 3 day ban if this problem continues to occur you will be banned forever.

NY is a respectable clan until you disrespect us, we want you to have fun while posting and being on the chatbox, we want everyone to fit in and be able to do there own thing.

On a more serious note we hope you have fun and st as long as you like

And Welcome to NY Site where gaming is on the next level.

You can check out stats scores on each forum and check up on how the clan is doing you can apply for a tryout in the application section and one of the leaders or founders will look over it and schedule a day to tryout.

NY Gaming Rules;

Leaders should;

1. When making your own group on a game you must make a name for it and submit it on our site to register it.
2. Show loyalty to the clan.
3. Be active on site and gaming.
4. Must show leader team skills to win a clan war.
5. Make tryouts for everyone who asks for a tryout.
6. Help others get better at gaming.
7. Must elect team officials to forum ranks.
8. Tell members about our site.

NY Members;
1. To become a leader or co lead you must earn respect of the clan and the founders.
2. Must show respect and loyalty to others and the clan.
3. Never clan hop or immediate cut.
4. Be active to the site and group they are in.
5. Never make wars unless told to.
6. Be respectful to founders and leaders and higher ranks.
7. To get higher in ranks you must show improvements in wars and scrimmages.
8. To apply for a higher rank you must report it to your class officer and he'll pass it on to me or the 2 other founders.
9. If someone asks you to war tell a Leader or Co Leader and they will make the clan war.
10. Don't get offended if a lower rank wars because everyone in the clan gets to war.
11. Last and Final have fun while being in the clan.

Gamebattle Rules;

1. Never make a team unless your a leader or a higher rank.
2. Be sure theres not a group for that game on gamebattles before you make one.
3. Report to a founder that you're making a group, and await further commands.
4. Respect others on gamebattles
5. Do your best and never let anyone tell you other wise.

Take these rules live off of them, make everyday as as NY day, strive for improvement give everyday your best and be the gamer you want to be, remember War Doesn't Determine Whose Right, But Whose Left.

Happy Gaming

© NY ©

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LB of WEED ™

NY Rules and Regulations  NYSig
NY Rules and Regulations  Screen291
NY Rules and Regulations  Snap013
NY Rules and Regulations  N_ScOrPiOn_Y
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NY Rules and Regulations
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